Welcome to the town of Elkton. The men and women of our Town's public service team look forward to serving the residents and business community of our town. Our government provides numerous services, directly or indirectly, in order to promote and sustain the high quality of living that our residents have come to expect. The delivery of governmental services, as well as proprietary services with respect to water and sewer, is our highest priority, therefore our managers and staff accept their responsibilities very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our citizens.

The Town's government is organized in such a way that the governing body, consisting of a mayor and four commissioners elected to office by their fellow citizens, effectively represents the best interests of Elkton's citizens by engaging a full-time administrator to actively manage and supervise the Town's workforce, guided by the Board's collective leadership and initiative.

The administrator routinely interfaces with department managers, who are appointed by the administrator to manage the various departments of the Town's government, including administration, finance, building & zoning, planning, human resources, parks & recreation, law enforcement, and public works. The administrator additionally represents the Town in dealings with professionals and contractors who provide specialized services to both the Town's government or to its residents, e.g., engineering, construction, technical support, financial auditing, legal counseling, trash collection, water and wastewater treatment, and street sweeping.

Regardless of our government's success in delivering municipal services, one cannot overlook the enduring and underlying basis for Elkton's past and continuing success, which lies within its business community. The very skyline and foundations of Elkton are rooted in business development and economic investment, essentially the tangible products of our community's business leadership, men and women of vision, intelligence and experience who have set the stage for others to succeed and benefit from their work.

Recognizing the significance and importance of our business community, the Town strives to meet the demand for infrastructure and services necessary to support both a continuing investment in local business and a flourishing residential community that concomitantly supports and benefits from this environment of success.

Lewis George
Town Administrator