Public Works

The Department of Public Works is here to maintain the appearance of the Town of Elkton to make the residence and business owners proud of their community.  We have over 35 employees, representing the Town of Elkton, who take great pride in their job.  The Department's success relies on the specialized clusters that handle different functions within the town.

Public Works has a crew whose primary function is to maintain public areas by cutting grass and preserving grounds throughout the Town.  We also provide brush, grass & leaf pickup at the curbside of each residence.  (Please do not mix the piles as our equipment is designed for these items only.  See the link below for details)

The Public Works Department has a water crew and a sewer crew.  These two crews are responsible for all water lines and sewer lines within Town limits.  These two crews are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any and all emergencies.  They also have a preventive maintenance program implemented for the Town sewer system.

Other crews the Department also governs include inspectors that ensure contractors are in compliance with applicable law, a storm water manager who handles all aspects of storm water, storm drains, catch basins and sediment ponds that the Town maintains, and street and concrete crews that preserve our roads and sidewalks.

Within the Public Works building, located at 209 Blue Ball Avenue, the mechanics are responsible for all maintenance on Town and Police vehicles and equipment.  The Public Works Staff also supports other Town Departments and events throughout the year.  Emergency assistance which covers natural disasters (i.e. snow removal) are covered by the Department of Public Works.

The Department of Public Works is a proud supporter of recycling and as such has a recycling center which includes the capability of collecting used oil.

If you have any questions for Public Works, please do not hesitate to call us.

Daniel Handley, P.E., Director

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Daniel Handley, P.E. 410-392-6636
Tracy Goudy 410-392-6636
Mark Turnbull 410-392-3044
Sidney Ojofeitimi 410-392-3044
Beryl Gore 410-392-3044
Bryan McQueen 410-392-6636
Craig Gochnauer 410-392-6636