Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals Members:  Back row left to right:  Richard Czernik, Robert Olewine (Chair), David Mehelas (Vice Chair).  Front row left to right: Dawn Schwartz, Shirley Hicks, Heather Mahaffey

The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and decides appeals (from any order, decision, requirement, or interpretation by the Zoning Official), special exception uses (as provided in Article IV, Part II) and variances (as provided in Article V, Section 2) in accordance with the Town of Elkton Zoning Ordinance.

Click here for link to New Board Member Training through the Maryland Department of Planning.

Board Members (3 year term)

Name Title
Robert Olewine Chair (January 2021)
Shirley Ann Hicks Member (January 2020)
Dawn Schwartz Member (January 2020)
Heather Mahaffey Member (January 2020)
Richard Czernik Member (January 2021)
Rob Massimiano Alternate (January 31, 2021)
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