Patrol Division

Patrol Officers

The Patrol Division of the Elkton Police Department is the largest and most outwardly visible entity of our law enforcement agency. Often referred to as the backbone of the department, initially responding to all calls for service received. With a population of over 16,000 citizens, Elkton’s jurisdiction encompasses approximately 9 square miles, including 41 miles of dedicated roadways resulting in the Patrol Division on average handling approximately 20,000 calls for service per year. 

With a staffing of 24 officers, the Patrol Division is comprised of four squads, each being overseen by a Sergeant and a Corporal. Squads work twelve-hour rotating shifts, providing twenty four-hour police coverage to the citizenry.

All officers have successfully completed at minimal a twenty –six week entrance level academy, which is based on Maryland Police Training Commission standards. Upon graduation each officer then receives an additional nine weeks of field training with a senior officer. Every officer is certified in RADAR and Preliminary Breath Test Operation in addition to being a First Responder.

Inclusive of the Patrol Division there are Accident Re-Constructionists, Field Training Officers, Self Defense Instructors, TASER and Firearms Instructors.

As of 7/1/2022 the starting salary for an officer recruit is $50,275.59.