Commissioner Charles Givens

As always, it is my pleasure to greet you via the internet. The Town of Elkton has been an active municipal branch of government providing services, addressing needs and exploring options to help and service some 6,000 homes.

The Town has engaged itself in a multiplicity of activities. We have been actively seeking and exploring provisions to acquire additional water resources. We have discussed proposed growth and development as it pertains to Elkton and with the continuation of BRAC (base realignment and closure) from Monmouth, New Jersey.  In addition, we continue to make the work place environment a meaningful exposure for our 121 employees. For the welfare of our citizens, we still try to provide a safe environment in the Town of Elkton despite the "ills of society."

If you examine the Town, you will observe that the route 40 corridor has certainly attracted attention with its many businesses, and Bridge Street to route 213 south has been blossoming with consumer attracting businesses. Elkton has become much more marketable "to and fro" with the DART and Greyhound bus transport services. Our Parks and Recreation program is flourishing and does a commendable job even with budgetary and facility restraints. Despite the economy, our community is still growing with new homes, and several new housing developments and restaurants are in the planning stage. Come and see what is going on in Elkton!

I am humbly fortunate to have the civic opportunity to serve as town Commissioner. It has truly been rewarding and a continuous learning process, which has been reinforced by a positive working relationship with town constituents, past and current elected officials and the current Elkton Town Board.

Should you have questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions, please contact me. I am always available to serve your needs. I invite your participation in town government and I encourage your input to make Elkton a better place.


Charles Givens

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