Important Message - SCAM Alert

The following article appears in the Cecil Whig and is forwarded as a Public Service to our residents:

ANNAPOLIS — The Internal Revenue Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation are urging Cecil County residents not to fall for a fake email that offers a survey on behalf of the IRS.

The survey, if downloaded, will take the computer hostage and steal personal information according to Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

“If you receive an email like this, don’t reply, download or respond in anyway. These tax scammers are after your hard earned money and personal financial information,” Franchot said.

Those who take the direction and click on the link will find their computer taken hostage, rendering the machine disabled until you pay a sum of money.

Anyone who has fallen victim to this ransomware scam should file a complaint at

Franchot said neither his office nor the IRS use email, text messaging or social media to discuss personal issues. Government agencies and tax related businesses have partnered to present an awareness campaign called “Don’t Take the Bait” to press the point